Attire: There is no required attire to attend teachings at TBI. We ask that you wear comfortable but appropriate and respectful clothing. Shoes are not permitted in the Gompa so please be prepared accordingly.

Environment: TBI is a non-smoking establishment both in the buildings and the grounds. TBI is maintained by the monks and volunteers. Please play your part by cleaning up after yourself and by respecting the private areas (such as the Lama's receiving area above the Temple and also the Kitchen on the Dining Level).

Children: Please refrain from bringing your children to TBI when you are attending classes unless TBI is offering a children's program that day. TBI does not currently have the resources to offer child care and can not have the risk and liability of unsupervised children running about during teachings, not to mention it is distracting and disrespectful to both the teacher and the students.

Atmosphere: TBI is a friendly and supportive environment. Feel free to engage other members in conversation and Dharma discussion. There is usually tea and snacks available in the dining area, please help yourself.

Donations: TBI operates solely on Donations. All Teachings are offered on a donation basis only. Your donations help to offset the operating costs of TBI, support the teachers and monks, and provide for the upkeep of your Dharma Center. We are grateful for your generosity.

Fees: With the 2016 Season TBI will be charging $7 for all meals (or as listed under each specific event) to offset this added out-of-pocket cost. Please respect this request and place your payment for meals in an envelop in the donation box indicating "meal payment" any time meals are served (whether such meals are planned or not).

Parking: TBI has a parking area on your left as you drive up Morning Star Lane. You may park in this area or along the sides of Morning Star Lane. We respectfully resquest that you honor our parking guidelines and refrain from parking near the Main House or Gompa. These areas are reserved for TBI Residents or Visiting Teachers. This area also needs to be kept clear in the event emergency vehicles are needed.

Bookstore: We have a small book store that has select books on Buddhism and ritual items.

Taking Pictures: We invite you to take pictures of the beauty of TBI. However, we ask that you refrain from taking pictures during teachings.

Recording the Teachings : Audio and Video recordings of teachings are strictly prohibited.

Etiquette: Please observe these basic Tibetan traditional rituals when entering the Gompa / Temple:

Before Entering: Leave all shoes in the entry area. Do not enter the temple with shoes. No food or drinks are permitted in the Temple.

Teacher Entrance: Stand and bow slightly when the Lama enters the room. Remain standing until the Lama completes his prostrations and takes his seat.

Prostration: After the Lama is seated, engage in your prostrations as a sign of respect to the Lama or stand quietly and pay your respect. When ready, proceed quietly to your seat.

Teacher Exit: Stand bow slightly when the Lama makes his exit. Remain standing until he has completely exited the area.